Communication Networks

Trimble offers communication network operators and utilities comprehensive network and asset management solutions that drive efficiencies in planning, designing, documenting and maintaining fiber optic and copper networks.

The network digital twin at the core of our solutions is key to improving utilities’ and operators’ distribution reliability, system resiliency, and customer service.


Our solution for communication network operators contains an easy-to-use software application for planning, designing and documenting fiber optic and copper networks.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Making smart maintenance decisions

Find the optimal target and timing for your maintenance actions. Understand the condition of your assets and identify the most critical reliability and safety risks in your network. Use maintenance data to support operational and investment planning decisions. Support self-directed maintenance to ensure your field crews and contractors work productively.

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Mobile Solutions

Delivering back-office network data to the field and back

Manage utility data in the field anytime and anywhere. Enable field crews to view the network. Share up-to-date information between office and field crews to support on-time decision making and monitoring the progress in the field.

Network Modeling

Network Modeling

Tracking and managing network assets

Trimble’s solution for planning, designing and documenting fiber optic and copper networks delivers an easy, fast, intuitive and cost effective way to address all aspects of communication networks operations from excavation work down to the single fiber splice, fiber color and connections.

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Augmented Reality

Seeing what can’t be seen

With Trimble’s augmented reality solution, view 3D utility models and assets in true-to-life scale, in the context of their existing surroundings - from any angle or position - for better context, understanding and communication.

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Network Modeling


Meaningful insights and business intelligence

Leveraging quality utility data and network modeling capabilities, Trimble’s advanced analytics toolset enables utilities to benefit from analytics and reporting that support data-driven decision making in planning, construction and maintenance management.

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