Electric Utilities

Trimble offers electric utilities comprehensive network and asset management solutions that drive efficiencies in investment planning, network design and construction, operations, and maintenance. The network digital twin at the core of our solutions is key to improving utilities’ network reliability, system resiliency, safety, and customer service.

Solutions for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities worldwide benefit from Trimble's portfolio of advanced solutions to improve network investment decisions and drive up operational efficiency, system resiliency and reliability.

Digital Mapping and Data Collection

Digital Mapping & Data Collection

Capturing the digital twin of your network

Field-ready solutions for high accuracy 2D and 3D asset mapping and locating of electric transmission and distribution utility assets to build the digital twin of your network. Trimble GPS hardware, smartphones and tablets are designed to support industry requirements for asset management, smart metering and field service operations.

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Asset Management

Optimizing utility network asset lifecycle management

Find the optimal target and timing for maintenance actions. Understand the condition of assets and identify the most critical reliability and safety risks in the network. Use maintenance data to support operational and investment planning decisions. Support self-directed maintenance to ensure field crews and contractors work productively.

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Asset and work management

Mobile Solutions

Delivering back-office network data to the field and back

Enable field crews to access network and asset data via mobile applications in real-time. Edit data on both network assets and current switching statuses. Share up-to-date information between office and field crews to support on-time decision making and monitoring the progress in the field.

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Investment Planning

Optimizing investment plans, priorities and budgets

Enhance understanding of project portfolio with construction and maintenance projects all in one view, including targets, budgets, and estimated and actual KPIs. Benefit from continuously updated information and fluent data flows for better decisions.

Network planning and design

Network Planning & Design

Managing reliable, resilient & optimal networks

Manage and optimize network design life-cycles across the organization. Balance between cost-effectiveness and the electro-technical requirements. Understand system performance of both current and future networks. Make field design and documentation efficient.

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Distribution & Outage Management

Advanced switching and outage management, response and restoration

Monitor and maintain switching states and manage outage activities in real time combined with automated communication, advanced prediction, interactive outage maps and informative dashboards. Leverages integrations with SCADA, AMI/AMR, CIS, WMS, IVR systems and more.

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Transmission Ratings

Transmission Ratings

Rating confirmation and design of remedial networks, including intelligent line profiling

Trimble’s best-in-class Transmission Rating solution enables electric utility operators to confirm line ratings for transmission networks, ensuring compliance with internal policy and regulatory requirements. Includes engineering options to increase ratings or design remedial works.

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Vegetation Management

Comprehensive vegetation management and data-driven decision support

From data collection to analytics and risk modeling, and prioritized action planning to digitally supported field work execution, Trimble’s comprehensive solution set for Vegetation Management delivers functional information to help utilities better manage risk posed by vegetation-related encroachment and outages.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Improved context of utility designs in 3D against backdrop of the real world

With Trimble’s Augmented Reality solution, electric transmission and distribution utilities can view 3D utility models and assets in true-to-life scale, in the context of their existing surroundings from any angle or position and for better understanding and communication.

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Visualizing key network and asset performance for data-driven decisions

Leveraging quality utility data and network modeling capabilities, Trimble’s advanced analytics toolset enables electric utilities to benefit from predictive analytics that can be packaged into informative dashboards and reports for data-driven decision making in planning, construction, operations, maintenance and vegetation management.

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