Gas Utilities

Trimble offers an end-to-end application toolset for natural gas utility operators to optimize safety and regulatory compliance while standardizing field data collection processes for new construction, legacy data repair/replacement and data QA/QC. Quality data becomes central to enabling work management for utility locates, inspection and maintenance, leak survey and outage/incident management.

Solutions for Gas

From distribution system operational and maintenance concerns to integrity management, safety and compliance, natural gas operators face many critical challenges. Trimble's Energy suite of advanced solutions empower natural gas operators to meet these challenges head on.

Digital Mapping and Data Collection

Data Collection and Digital As-Builting

Standardizing and automating data collection and as-built processes

Gas utilities can leverage an end-to-end Trimble data collection application toolset for natural gas utility operators to meet regulatory requirements while standardizing and optimizing field data collection processes and digital as-builting captured by crews and contractors.

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Asset Management & IoT

Real-time situational awareness and monitoring of asset performance

Trimble’s remote pressure monitoring leverages versatile instruments intended to monitor gas system pressures. The combined remote monitoring hardware and software application toolset, is a powerful gas pressure monitoring solution that delivers real-time data from the field to the office.

Trimble Gas Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Delivering back-office network data to the field and back

Trimble’s mobile field application enables natural gas utilities field staff to access real-time and complete data on network assets. In addition, up-to-date information is shared between to office staff and the field staff to support on-time decision making and monitoring the progress of the field.

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Gas Network Modeling

Centralizing and managing network topology and asset data

At the heart of the Trimble's technology for natural gas utilities is an fully connected intelligent utility network model that offers complete lifecycle support for network objects and assets, all from a single database. Trimble's gas network model and utility GIS functionality supports a utility's business operations.

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Gas smart leak survey


Automating and streamlining leak surveys and leak management

Trimble’s Smart Leak Management toolset standardizes the data collection process across multiple mobile platforms and multiple contractor organizations. Eliminate paper-based surveys and quickly and accurately capture auditable leak survey data through an integrated field to office system that streamlines surveys and improved survey productivity.

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Outage & Incident Management

For advanced gas outage management, response and restoration

Trimble’s integrated outage, incident and event management solution enables natural gas utility operators to model and simulate outage planning, streamline service restoration workflows, automate communications during service interruptions, and enhance Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP) reporting.

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Trimble Augmented Reality for Gas

Augmented Reality

Improved context of utility designs in 3D against backdrop of the real world

With Trimble’s augmented reality solution, view 3D utility models and assets in true-to-life scale, in the context of their existing surroundings - from any angle or position - for better context, understanding and communication.

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Analytics & Data QA/QC

Visualizing and managing key network and asset data prior to posting to system of record

Trimble’s advanced analytics and QA/QC engine enables gas operators to aggregate and analyze compliance data collected by crews and contractors in the field.