Water & Wastewater Utilities

Trimble offers a comprehensive suite of digital IoT and asset management solutions for the water industry that cover the whole network asset lifecycle, including investment planning, asset mapping, work management, remote monitoring and operations.

Solutions for Water and wastewater

Digital asset management, IoT remote monitoring and field solutions for the global water industry.

Digital Mapping and Data Collection

Digital Mapping & Data Collection

Capturing the digital twin of your network

Field-ready solutions for high accuracy 2D and 3D asset mapping and locating assets to build the digital twin of your network. Trimble GPS hardware, smartphones and tablets are designed to support industry requirements for asset management, smart metering and field service operations.

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Asset Management

Tools and solutions for water utility management

Optimized utility asset lifecycle maintenance and management helping water, wastewater and stormwater utilities manage infrastructure and its associated data, work activities, and business processes. Service requests, work orders, and inspection tasks can be configured to meet specific workflow needs.

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Empowering utility field operations

Mobile device and software with intelligent workflows and tools for network operations, asset maintenance, repair and condition assessment.

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Network Information Model

Tracking and managing network assets

Intelligent network model with integrated GIS functionality and a core functionality for documenting and managing network assets are central for creating the digital twin of your network. Topology and life-cycle support for network components are built-in properties of the model.

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Network Management

Network Management

Improving performance through situational awareness and real-time operations

Based on network state data, the operational personnel can operate the pipe network, find out which customers are affected by operational changes and keep track of maintenance needs, such as leaking pipes and stuck valves.

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IoT and Remote Monitoring

Wireless monitoring and management for water, wastewater and stormwater networks

Rugged, wireless battery powered sensors, software and analytics for proactive water, wastewater and environmental water monitoring, alarming and regulatory reporting. Includes a range of solutions for comprehensive monitoring across water distribution (pressure/transients, flow, level, pumping leakage) and wastewater/stormwater networks (rainfall, flow, level, lift stations).

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Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Minimizing risk, costs and optimizing infrastructure performance

Identify the right investments for the right time. Enhance understanding of project portfolio with construction and maintenance projects all in one view, including targets, budgets, and estimated and actual KPIs.

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Augmented Reality

Seeing what can’t be seen

With Trimble’s augmented reality solution, view 3D utility models and assets in true-to-life scale, in the context of their existing surroundings - from any angle or position - for better context, understanding and communication.

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Analytics & Performance Management

Meaningful insights and Business intelligence

Leveraging quality utility data and network modeling capabilities, Trimble’s advanced analytics toolset enables utilities to benefit from predictive analytics that can be packaged into informative dashboards and reports for data-driven decision making in planning, construction, operations and maintenance.

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